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The Best Roofing Company in Hawthorne, California!

The Hawthorne Roofing Company is a roofing company in Hawthorne, California that provides residential and commercial roofing services in Hawthorne, California and the surrounding region.

Local Roofing Company

All of our contractors live locally to Hawthorne. In staying local, we keep the company costs down which means better affordability for the homeowners.

Highly Rated Roofing Company

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction by offering quality services at an affordable cost.

Capable Roofing Company

Our contractors are trained and skilled to accomplish all types of roof repairs, roof installations, gutter installations and repairs, and skylight installations and repairs.

roofing company in Hawthorne, California

A Quality Roofer Contractor in Hawthorne, California

What is the best roofing company in Hawthorne, California?” The Hawthorne Roofing Company strives to be the best roofing company by providing quality construction and unmatched customer service. We perform roofing installations, repairs, inspections, gutter repairs, gutter installations, skylight repairs and skylight installations for both commercial and residential properties. We provide free estimates for all roofing services.

A Local Roofing Contractor in Hawthorne, California

Unlike many large roofing companies, The Hawthorne Roofing Company was established by a local family who calls Hawthorne their home. We grew up in Hawthorne and we are passionate about keeping Hawthorne moving forward. Here in the “City of Good Neighbors“, we seek to help our community be the best it can be by providing the best roofing services for both residential and commercial properties.

roofing contractor in Hawthorne, California
roofing company in Hawthorne, California

A Professional Roofing Contractor in Hawthorne, California

Installing a roof is one of the most critical aspects of building a home. Homeowners want a roof that is aesthetically pleasing, durable and requires little maintenance. For this reason, a quality roof typically comes with a hefty price tag. In short, we strive to keep our overhead costs at a minimum by keeping our business local. This allows us to provide homeowners quality roofing services at an affordable price. Equally important to low overhead costs is hiring a professional. For that reason, professional installation of the right style of roof can yield substantial savings for the homeowner. Because of the challenges that accompany a roof installation, hiring a professional is extremely important.

best roofing company in Hawthorne California

“The Hawthorne Roofing Company is literally the best roofing company! After our free estimate, we hired them to do a roof replacement on our home. They came on time, the day they said they would come, and they replaced our entire roof in one day! They even cleaned up afterwards!”

Willie Brown

“We had an issue with one of our skylights leaking. We hired The Hawthorne Roofing Company to assess the situation and they replaced both skylights in our home. They were so efficient and they didn’t charge us an arm and a leg! We will definitely be recommending them to our neighbors!

Janet Collins

“After interviewing several differing roofing contractors for our small investment company, we landed with The Hawthorne Roofing Company. So far, they repairs three roofs among our rental properties and we have been nothing but pleased!

Sean Fisher

Let’s work together on your next roofing project!

Here at The Hawthorne Roofing Company, we would love nothing more than to help you with your roofing needs. From roofing installations to roof repairs and everything in between, we are here to address your roofing needs!